Version 2.0!

ACCELERATED DATA SYSTEMS is proud to announce the upgraded version of AdvantEdge 1.44 to 2.0!

A lot of changes have been made for our upgraded version, AdvantEdge 2.0 , for example:

  • It’s encrypted

  • Faster

  • More secure

  • The user-interface is updated

Now when in Status Manager, once a list of accounts has been selected, the user has the ability to add Hot Notes in bulk to a group of accounts by selecting Hot Notes under the Tools option of the HORIZONTAL MENU TOOLBAR. In the Products Window w/in the Clients Editor, the ability to change/update the interest rate for a singular product on multiple accounts is now readily available! Another upgrade is w/our CBR Reporting. In previous versions of AdvantEdge, the configuration setting was based on a single account balance, BUT 2 additional settings have been implemented so users may report using the combined balance from linked accounts!