Software Solutions

Within the collections industry, the software system chosen by the agency is one of, if not the most important, keys to the success of the agency. Other than the people, the software is the backbone and life blood of the agency. Several factors are essential for any worthwhile debt collection software, including but not limited to; user friendliness, speed, flexibility and robust functionality. The use of AdvantEdge debt collection software by Accelerated Data Systems has its clients excited at the increase in both the efficiency and bottom line of their agency after switching to AdvantEdge.

Let’s look more closely at the issues specific to any agency and their collection software. When starting fresh or migrating to new debt collection software, there are several PAIN points one must consider:

  1. How “user friendly” is this system? What this really means is “how quickly can my collectors learn the system and be productive.”
  2. How “fast” is the system? Let’s face it, collections is mostly about volume. The more calls we can make, statistically the more money we can recover.
  3. How “flexible” is the software? Most agencies service a number of different kinds of clients and in turn a number of different kinds of paper.
  4. How “functional” is the software? Ideally, your collection software should be able to handle a number of different functions such as collections, invoicing, accounting, etc.

We are all aware that the decision to consider changing debt collection software systems in not only a monumental decision but one commonly fraught with trepidation. AdvantEdge not only is the solution to these issues, but it also far outshines the competition over and over again in the industry. The Accelerated Data Systems (“ADS”) team of experienced industry veteran executives (over 100 years) has specific processes in place that can quell those concerns.

Customer testimonies often focus on the flexibility of the software as the greatest feature. Many refer to it as the ability to “customize” the software to their agency practices instead of having to change the way they do business to “fit” the way other rigid debt collection software systems work. Once fully integrated, clients say “it is as though AdvantEdge was made just for our agency.”

AdvantEdge is not only intuitive but at the same very user friendly. It comprises a lot of common sense and is not bogged down with IT lingo. It is easy for the new collector or manager or executive to make sense of it. New AdvantEdge users will be able to make calls, work the account, take a payment and result the account within a few hours of training. The saying is; “introduced to AdvantEdge in the morning, collecting money by lunch.” This is true. As people continue to use it day after day, they obviously get faster and more productive exponentially as they become more familiar. That brings us to the speed factor. Let’s face it, collections is a numbers game. The more calls you can make in an hour or day, the better your chances of collecting more money. The speed of using AdvantEdge pays dividends in this area. Accelerated Data Systems recently revised and updated AdvantEdge and released AdvantEdge Version 2.0.

Finally, another strong benefit of AdvantEdge is its functionality. Not only is the functionality rich and robust in the collections arena, AdvantEdge has multiple other platforms within the software included “right-out-of-the-box.” Some other modules included are a Forwarding module, Trust Accounting module, Administration module and Bookkeeping module. Many clients have been able to eliminate other systems in their business by using AdvantEdge and its wide-ranging functionality.  To ease any conversion fears, the seasoned veterans at Accelerated Data Systems will run AdvantEdge in parallel with your old system for 30 days to be sure all the bugs are worked out before going “live.” Extensive online training webinars and outstanding customer and technical support will ensure a smooth transition from old to new!

There comes a point in every business where important decisions need to be made to grow the business to the next level(s). In the collection industry, one of these decisions is most definitely the choice of debt collection software. Our AdvantEdge clients will tell you, it was one of the most important decisions they ever made.  Initially they dreaded the thought of changing software, but knew their current system was restricting their growth potential. The professionals at ADS understand the gravity of changing software systems and are experts at the conversion process. Let them show you how AdvantEdge can help take your business to new heights.