Introducing TOOL BOX!

One of the more exciting benefits of the 2.0 release is the “Tool Box”. At the highest level, the Tool Box gives the Client more abilities to do custom inquiries for their business rules without the need for IT custom programming. This is a theme ADS has always tried to proliferate, that is, giving the client the power to wrap AdvantEdge around your business instead of having to “fit” your business into a rigid software system. Another benefit of the Tool Box, in the event that you do need some custom programming done, is the IT staff at ADS can get it done quickly for you without having to do a whole new update of AdvantEdge. If you have IT talent on your staff, you will love our open Microsoft SQL platform that your IT folks can take it and run with it. If you do not have IT personnel, then we at ADS can quickly and cost effectively manage all your programming needs. No more waiting 3 (or more) months to get a programming request executed.