New Customer FAQ

What will I pay when I buy AdvantEdge?

Pricing in the industry is called "subscription - based".  This means you pay a monthly fee per user.   Other factors need to be discussed, i.e., hosted or non-hosted.  Please contact Tom Whittemore at 303-706-1101 or for a more detailed proposal.

What type of training do you provide?

Training is custom tailored to our client's individual needs. We offer multiple packages and can increase training as necessary.  Rest assured we will "hold your hand" throughout the entire process.

Is AdvantEdge dialer compatible?

Yes, AdvantEdge is compatible with most dialers in the market today.

Describe your procedure for distribution and implementation of a new release.

Prior to releasing a new version of the application, we provide our clients with a "version control document" that details the content of the new release. Our clients then have the choice to upgrade or not upgrade to the new version.  There is NO COST to upgrade!

Describe your attempts to keep current with related industry change.

Accelerated Data Systems maintains a close and personal relationship with our clients, which enables us to sustain state-of-the-art technology and continuously improve our easy-to-use, features. In addition, we closely monitor all trends within the collection industry. We regularly attend industry conferences.  And finally, our proven product development processes and testing helps us to know in advance "What works and what does not" for our client base.

Describe your commitment to the collection industry.

The founder of Accelerated Data Systems (ADS) has assembled an expert team of professionals to lead ADS into the future. ADS is now firmly planted in the industry and poised to become the leading debt collection software company in the United States. For 25 years, our commitment to quality software and support is a reflection of our test of time within the industry.

Who are your customers?

Accelerated Data Systems customers include third party collection agencies, debt purchasers/sellers, first party credit grantors, law offices, medical, banks, credit unions, etc...

What hardware do I need to run AdvantEdge®?

Workstation Requirements - The minimum application requirements for installation of AdvantEdge are PC’s running a minimum of Intel Core 2 Duo or compatible with at least 2GB of RAM and Microsoft Windows 7 or above. Server Requirements – Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or above.

How scalable is AdvantEdge related to housing debtor records?

AdvantEdge has unlimited user capability and debtor record capacity.  You cannot outgrow AdvantEdge!

What database structure does AdvantEdge require?

AdvantEdge utilizes MS SQL Server 2008 or above.

In what programming language is AdvantEdge written?

Microsoft Sequel database with a front-end built in SAP Powerbuilder.

When was AdvantEdge created and how long has ADS been around?

AdvantEdge was created in 1986. Accelerated Data Systems was founded in 1992.

What efforts does ADS make to ascertain, meet and/or exceed industry standards?

Accelerated Data Systems (ADS) originated as the Data Processing Department for one of the country’s leading collection agencies, Accelerated Bureau of Collections. Not only did ADS work hard to meet and exceed industry standards, we set the standard for the industry. At ADS, our goal is to help our partners succeed in "Recovery Management". As a collection software provider, we continue to maintain the highest level of post-sale service in the industry today. The ADS team has more than 100 combined years of collection experience in the development of AdvantEdge. We provide proven methodologies and incorporate those methods to AdvantEdge.

What industry associations do you belong to?

Accelerated Data Systems is an affiliate member of the Debt Buyers Association and American Collectors Association and has been an affiliate member since 1992.